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TUHSD Town Hall - Return to In-Person Learning - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeanne Noble
The CDC guidelines only recommend mandatory distancing at levels above our red tier. At less than daily case rate of 7, distancing is optional per the CDC.
Andrew Miller
Question: I have a ‘zoomer’ who’d like to return to school as a ‘roomer’ in the next few weeks. What are the specific steps to allow this?
Jeanne Noble
Doesn’t split schedules increase risk because out of school hours are higher risk than in school hours?
I have a roomer who wants to become a zoomer. Given that she’s one of two people in her math class, what’s the point really?
Jonathan Moll
Can you please confirm how much of the current cohort limitations and in-person limitations are driven by union restrictions vs. CDC guideline-driven mandates?
Jeanne Noble
Didn’t Dr. Willis say that all classrooms could accommodate all students with 4 foot distancing, or was he referring to accommodating only 50% of students at a time?
Matthew McFerrin
Other than the MOU, is there anything holding back a 2 cohort, 4 foot return to campus right now?
Laura Erickson (she her)
Thank you, Principal Farr
JC - thank you for mentioning the human side. I feel that has been missing in most discussions and presentations feel so cold. Many families and students are suffering. I appreciate your empathy and heart in this, JC.
Natalie Bitton
Mr. Farr, thank you for mentioning the human factor - you are the king of empathy!
Kate Tribuzio
It seems like classes are sparsely attended. Is there the way to add more people to certain days?
Kate Tribuzio
In person
Jonathan Moll
Is there a set term on the current MOU? When would we expect to have a renewed arrangement based on the new science and CDC guidelines? Would be great to get to two cohorts sooner than later.
What are the plans to return to the regular length school day and instructional minutes?
Kate Tribuzio
If a player on a team tests positive, what happens to the team?
Jeanne Noble
Would it be possible to get all students back 5 days a week, now, with use of outdoor classrooms?
Susan Lambe (she/hers)
Dr Willis said there is less COVID when kids are in school, so maybe being in a tent without technology would be better and safer than limited/cohort school?
Sounds like we’re all prisoners of the teachers union…. hooray!
Julie Brod
Thank You Everyone- Let’s keep everyone safe.
Jonathan Moll
How long should it take to change the MOU???
Hmm, changing a 6 to a 4? Sounds difficult.
Julie Brod
Thank you Mr. Christensen
Laura Erickson (she her)
Thank you for explaining the process of MOU, Lars and Tara
Clifford Waldeck
We are way ahead of most California high school districts in terms of students in the classroom.
Beth Katz
I appreciate the collaboration with the teachers. They have been working very hard, and will be fully vaccinated by early April. Let’s stop seeing the teachers are the problem when they have all gone above and beyond this entire year!
Susan Lambe (she/hers)
We are an innovative and resourceful district - we can do more for our kids!!!
Jonathan Moll
Could someone please provide an estimate of how long it will likely take to change the MOU? We are dancing around it.
I don’t understand why the middle schools are back??
Teachers were not allowed to get vaccines until very recently. If Matt Willis and the health dept would have allowed teachers to be vaccinated sooner, your kids could have gone back to campus more days sooner. Teachers are working extremely hard, teaching to zoomers and roomers at the same time. I greatly appreciate their efforts. Also, keep in mind all the other districts throughout the state who are still remote!
they figured it out??
additional portable bathrooms?
Elaine Wilkinson
Thank you for all your work - this is not easy and we appreciate all of your endless work.
Laura Spence
Exactly, thank you TUHSD for managing through one week of change. And there will be a lot of implementation and change you will need to manage towards April 12 two cohorts, so thank you for all of the hard work!
Betsy Daly
Great idea - the MOU should be tied to county/cdc guidelines, not structured limitations that change over time. Agree that future MOUs should not be specific to “6’” or “4’” but rather “meets or exceeds Marin County of CDC guidelines for high schools”
Andrew Miller
You folks are the best! We’re lucky to have you in the roles you’re in! THANK YOU!!
Jonathan Moll
Can Ann Jaime comment on how long it should likely take to get the MOU revised and what the resistant points are?
Elaine Wilkinson
Thank you to all the classroom monitors too!!!!
Clifford Waldeck
I am proud to be a Redwood classroom monitor as well!
Julie Brod
YES!! THANK YOU ALL. This is not easy, frustrating, but not easy.
Laura Spence
And I am proud to be a Tam High classroom monitor. And agree with all of Nicole’s insights into last week
Susan Judson
Thank you All for being so great in trying to get our kids back to school safely. There is no question that the complexity of this situation we are all in has been difficult, to put it lightly. That said, while the process requires a lot of patience on all, we are lucky to have such dedicated and hard working administrators, teachers and support staff. Thank you!
jen green
I’m also a monitor and have heard the vast majority of the kids clamoring for more in person days.
Susan Lambe (she/hers)
What was the planned use for the current tents, if not for classes?
Veronica Skelton
the 4 feet of distance discussion and ensure it’s Isn’t it true that with our current case rates in Marin the CDC does not require 4 feet of distance?
beth Cherry
Thank you to the Teachers, staff and Admin for getting our students back to in-person learning! Very grateful for all of your efforts.
Gerard Choucroun
Redwood leadership and staff and teachers have been amazing. Thank you all.
Susan Lambe (she/hers)
I am an emergency physician and we have seen a doubling of mental health visits by adolescents in the Bay Area
Susan Lambe (she/hers)
Pediatricians report a dramatic decrease in reporting of child abuse and neglect, as more kids are home in unsafe situations.
Susan Judson
excellent idea from the recent teacher! thank you for sharing your experience last week with your students in comparison to such a long history with the district. fewer students to teacher ratio would be a huge benefit to everyone!
Cathleen Acheritogaray
Thank you, Malena.
Laura Erickson (she her)
Thanks for a great question, Malena- we need to engage and teach ALL students
Susan Judson
There is no surprise mental health visits by adolescents has increased over this past year. Thankfully the district counseling services are on the ball in providing resources, as well as the ability and acceptance our kids have learned about reaching out for help re mental health.
local ER nurse here… our Marin ER is FULL of suicidal and mental health issue in our community adolescents. This is a serious issue that cannot be solved in a busy ER.
Stephanie Young
We are ALL responsible for reaching out to kids to provide support. Thank you !
Dana Linker Steele
Very unfortunate that, with everything happening around social-emotional health of our kids, that our sports teams could not find a way to institute "no cuts" this year by using parent volunteers, odd/even days for practices, in the pool/on the deck, on the court/off, etc.
Dana Linker Steele
Thank you to Tara and the panelists for spending a Monday evening with all of us -- very grateful!
Jill Sellers
Thank you for this event. It was very helpful and informative.